Urgent appeal: release Mansour Osanlou!

Submitted by cathy n on 13 February, 2011 - 8:38

Mansour Osanlou leader of the Tehran bus workers’ union, who was jailed for five years in 2007, had a heart attack in Rjayee Shahr prison on Friday 11th February at about 6pm. He has been taken to a hospital outside the prison. It has been said that he was half conscious when he was taken to hospital.

We urge all trade unions and trade unionists to call for his urgent treatment and release.

They can write to info@leader.ir, info@judiciary.ir, dr-ahmadinejad@president.ir; iran@un.int; ijpr@iranjudiciary.org, info@dadiran.ir, office@justice.ir,
Send a copy to: info@workers-iran.org
More information: http://www.workers-iran.org

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