Vicarious Islamists

Submitted by Matthew on 9 February, 2011 - 11:48

Selling Solidarity at the Unite Against Fascism protest in Luton on 5 February, I got a lot of hostile reactions from SWPers to our front page headline “No to Islamist counter-revolution” (in Egypt). Nothing articulate, but the hostility was plain.

On the way back to London I talked to comrades who had been at the other anti-EDL protest in Luton on the day, mainly of local Muslims in Bury Park.

From the Muslims they had had no such hostility. They had sold lots of papers, had good discussions, and found people agreeing that yes, it would be very bad if the Muslim Brotherhood took power in Egypt, and yes, in Britain al Muhajiroun are just as bad as the EDL.

On the pretext of avoiding “Islamophobia”, the SWP is lining up with the conservative fringe in the Muslim population.

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