Peter Hartshorn reinstated: is the tide turning?

Submitted by Matthew on 9 February, 2011 - 3:04

Peter Hartshorn, victimised RMT Industrial Rep from the Green Park group on London Underground, has been reinstated on appeal with his dismissal suspended for 52 weeks.

Peter was dismissed after he was accused of swearing at a manager, despite witnesses stating otherwise. Peter’s sacking was part of a spate of victimisations which also saw drivers’ reps Arwyn Thomas and Eamonn Lynch lose their jobs.

Speaking on the victmisations, RMT’s General Grades Committee said “Following other victimisations on London Underground, it is obvious that LU has become a ruthless anti-union employer, prepared to defy all notions of justice in its efforts to disarm this union by removing our reps. It is imperative that we take all necessary action to defend our reps, and to explain to our members the importance of doing so.”

Activists hope that Peter’s reinstatement is a turn of the tide in terms of management’s attacks on union reps. Workers have taken strike action against the sackings of Thomas and Lynch, both of whom have won interim relief appeals. The union will hold a public meeting on 17 February to continue the campaign against victimisations. For details, see

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