Get your little red book

Submitted by Matthew on 26 January, 2011 - 4:20

As the police attempt to round up and arrest activists involved in the student revolt (codenamed “Operation Malone”) continues, so must the campaign of the movement to resist police brutality and state clampdowns on dissent.

The Right To Resist campaign, which AWL helped initiate, has produced a handy wallet-sized handbook containing useful tips on police tactics and what to do if you're detained.

With legal advice from the Green and Black Cross project, the handbook could become an essential tool for protesters.

Right To Resist is seeking support from union branches and other labour movement bodies.

Left-wing Labour MP Katy Clark has launched an Early Day Motion (effectively a parliamentary petition) calling for the banning of kettling. 24 MPs have backed it so far. The EDM “expresses serious concern that in recent demonstrations individuals, including minors, have been indiscriminately kettled by police for up to nine hours …” and “notes that a number of individuals have suffered very serious injuries, such as bleeding to the brain, as a result of police action during recent kettles.” Right To Resist is calling on supporters to lobby their MP to back the EDM.

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