It's all normal out there!

Submitted by Matthew on 19 January, 2011 - 9:25

When an event as earth-shattering as the uprising in Tunisia happens, the BBC has its finger on the pulse.

A BBC News Channel presenter turned on Frank Gardner, the security correspondent who was once shot while on assignment in Saudi Arabia, leaving him wheelchair bound for life, and asked the all-important question:

“Frank, there are reports that President Ben Ali has fled the country, how will that change things for the British tourists still there?”

Gardner, to his credit, discussed the serious part of the question first. But never fear, the BBC had a correspondent at Gatwick airport who was “monitoring the situation as events unfold.”

The good news was that the trouble showed no sign of spreading. A BBC correspondent in Cairo informed us that life there “continued as normal” the day after Ben Ali was forced out. It’s almost as if it’s a different country! Apparently, Egyptians are too beaten down and “not aspirational”:

“On one Facebook page, Egyptians are urged to begin the campaign to change their government — but not until 25 January.”

Ah, the fact that a revolution hasn’t spread from one country to another, which is 1000 km away, within 48 hours proves conclusively that it hasn’t had the effect we feared.

Tough, our class has a memory longer than the 140 characters that Twitter allows. Wait and see.

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