Help Solidarity move offices!

Submitted by martin on 17 November, 2010 - 3:44

As well as taking Solidarity weekly, we have another big task in the coming weeks. The paper will be moving offices.

The move is a practical necessity, but also an opportunity. With new technology, we can operate with smaller premises, and find a place more central, in better repair, and more accessible to our activists.

That will be good. But it will cost a lot of money.

We will have to pay a deposit, and rent in advance, on the new place. We will have to pay for refurbishments at the new offices. We will have to pay the costs of moving our equipment and our files.

Moving to a smaller place, we will have to pay to put some of our archives into storage.

Our new offices should be a secure, suitable, and convenient base for the expansion of publishing and of activity which the new political situation calls for.

When we last moved offices, in 1985, we needed a fund appeal of £15,000 - the equivalent of about £35,000 today - to cover the costs of moving and getting the new place ready.

This time, moving to a smaller place in better condition, and already owning the equipment we need, we should be able to make do with less money for premises, and free up more money for publishing and organising.

But we'll still need the sort of thing we did then: collecting boxes; sponsored cycle rides, mountain walks, and haircuts; jumble sales; a "drinks levy" in local AWL groups, with each person putting in a small amount each time they buy a drink.

And, to be able to move promptly, some big donations, soon!

Please help. Send a cheque, payable to "AWL", to us at P O Box 823, London SE15 4NA, or see for electronic ways of sending in money.

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