Trotsky and Time

Submitted by martin on 2 November, 2010 - 10:29 Author: SM

Pinioned by History's revenging lie,
'Life can be free and fine', old Pero said,
And Koba split his stubborn high old head.
Sprung by the weighted years back to die,
Back through time's dense coils, he dared to test,
To where the King-priest Moctezuma bled;
While masked-up Koba peonised workers, fed
His bloody, blind heart-ripping Lie-born quest.
Time tells, retracts, enweaves, can multiply:
Cortez crossed Time's life's-sedimented sea
Millennia, back to the pharoes. Pero? He
Spurred cyclone Time; 'till Time fell all awry.
Back-sailing pirates can loot Time's stored reward:
Liberty's pilgrims forge their own gold hoard.

Leon Trotsky died 71 years ago

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