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Submitted by martin on 2 November, 2010 - 2:21

A carload of AWL members is going to France on the weekend 22-24 October, taking messages of solidarity with the strikes there from union branches such as Lambeth Unison, but also planning to bring back ideas, inspiration, and reports to the labour movement in Britain.

AWL conference on 16-17 October opened with a report from Ed Maltby, who had gone over to France the week before to find out about the developing movement.

Another feature of AWL conference was a hall much more extensively decorated than usual with displays and posters, thanks to the efforts of South London AWL member Jill Mountford.

The posters are available in pdf form to local AWL branches, to use on street stalls and for decorating meeting rooms, at

Stalls with decoration attract more attention than the plain-vanilla paste table. Red cloth costs little and can be bought anywhere. Strips of that red cloth, attached to sticks which are in term attached to the stall table, create literal red flags for passers-by to notice rather than literary ones.

AWL effort in the last few weeks has been focused on preparations for our conference, and on the burgeoning anti-cuts movement. But London AWL members have another big job, too.

AWL member Janine Booth is standing for the London Transport Region seat on the RMT Exec, on a platform of changing the union to make it more democratic.

The other candidate is Lewis Peacock, a Socialist Party member, standing on a platform of support for the incumbent RMT leadership.

AWL members are out trying to cover as many as we can of London Underground’s 270 stations and 50-odd depots with campaign leaflets.

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