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Submitted by martin on 22 September, 2010 - 3:06

At the end of August 40 members and friends of South London AWL met for a barbecue at a community centre in New Cross.

The children played cricket and ran about while comrades drank wine and discussed the case for socialism. We also showed a film about the history of the socialist anthem, The Internationale.

At a recent South London public meeting half a dozen people whom we have met selling the paper on estates in Southwark came to hear Jean Lane speak about her experiences as a woman building worker — “Woman in a Man’s Job”.

The branch is stepping up effort in local anti-cuts campaigns and on selling Solidarity door-to-door.


This week Hull AWL welcomed its fourth new recruit of recent months. The AWL branch is still small, but has grown in those months from a starting point of just two members.

Branch organiser Stephen Wood reports: "The branch's growth has made organising paper sales, leaflets, interventions and our own meetings much easier and helped us turn outwards.

"Our branch meetings, which were pretty informal and held irregularly , are now held weekly at the same time. We have gone through several different educationals with different contributors each time: the third camp, trade unionism, Poplar and the local government left...

"We are now beginning a series on anti-Stalinist left movements... Weekly paper sales outside the council building, and leafleting in town, are now regular".


Sixty people attended a London Workers' Liberty meeting on 21 September to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Trotsky's death.

Speakers included Kim Moody, Yvan Lemaitre from the New Anti-Capitalist Party of France, John McDonnell MP, Farooq Tariq of the Pakistan Labour Party, and Jill Mountford and Sean Matgamna from AWL.

North East London AWL is following up with a series of discussion sessions on Trotsky's ideas within its weekly organising meetings.


Liverpool AWL is setting up its activities for the new student term and the start of large-scale activity against the government cuts.

Bob Sutton reports: "We are holding eight public meetings between now and December, as well as two four-week reading-group programmes".

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