Union leaders have not woken up yet

Submitted by martin on 20 September, 2010 - 4:28

A union delegate to Labour Party conference spoke to Solidarity. She was speaking anonymously because the union has instructed delegates that they should not speak to the press without authorisation from the top union leadership.

At the Labour Party conference I hope we'll see that Diane Abbott got a good vote, because, despite many shortcomings, she has been the only candidate even to begin to address the real concerns of the labour movement.

And I hope we'll see a wider understanding that the Labour Party now has to change fundamentally. Unfortunately the union leaders don't seem to have recognised that yet.

Unison has submitted a "contemporary motion" to the conference on public sector cuts. It opposes the cuts and calls for a review into the effects of privatisation. However, it's not very sharp. I can't imagine that there's anything in it that will cause the incoming leader or Labour's National Executive any qualms.

As a delegation, we have had very little briefing in advance. Obviously it's expected that we will vote for any changes that are in line with union policy, but we don't even get to look at the conference agenda or other detailed documentation until we arrive in Manchester on Saturday 25th.

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