"Crud": "loathsome, despicable, or worthless"

Submitted by martin on 7 September, 2010 - 1:55

So the dictionary says. And now the incongruous career of former Blair backroom boy Jon Cruddas as a supposed hero of the unions and Labour democracy should come to an end.

In 2007, Cruddas was backed for deputy leader by the big Unite union, and puffed himself as the candidate who would "reconnect" Labour with its working-class base.

He has worked closely with the semi-left-ish Labour pressure group Compass, which claims ten thousand members.

Now Cruddas has backed David Miliband for Labour leader, saying that David Miliband is like "Tony Blair at his best... fantastic from 1994 to 2001". It looks as if Cruddas has made a deal to back the right-wing candidate in "return" for David Miliband supporting Cruddas for his proposed new post of an elected Labour Party chair.

1994-2001 includes Blair's decisive stifling of Labour Party democracy and his pledge to keep Tory anti-union laws, both n 1997; his trashing of Labour's Clause Four (1995); his maintenance of Tory public spending limits for two years (1997-9); and his support for George W Bush's first moves in the supposed "war against terror", bombing Afghanistan. Yes, David Miliband is quite like that.

Compass itself felt obliged to poll its members on the leadership, and they gave a clear preference for Ed Miliband (57% of Compass members voting), with David Miliband a poor third (13%) behind Diane Abbott (20%).

Read Cruddas in the Daily Mirror.

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