TUC Day of Action

Submitted by Matthew on 19 August, 2010 - 12:23 Author: Darren Bedford

Moving to biennial congresses, inviting senior members of the coalition government to speak at Congress 2010, consistently manouvering years against motions from unions calling for strike action... the TUC — the national federation of almost all of Britain’s trade unions — is not taking on the government with the same class-war spirit as the government is employing against workers.

But now the TUC has called a “day of action” for 20 October. Cue sensationalist screeching from the Tory press about an “autumn of discontent”. The TUC doesn't have a great record in this department; its April 2010 national demonstration in defence of the welfare state was very badly built for. An under-mobilised “day of action” could do more harm than good.

Unions should organise local action, including, if they can, strikes for October 20, but should pressure the TUC to organise a coordinated national campaign of industrial action around common demands that will really give the bosses something to be discontented about.

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