McDonnell to push Bill

Submitted by Matthew on 24 June, 2010 - 7:53

John McDonnell MP has won the ballot among MP for the chance to put a “private member’s Bill” and will propose one to stop employers being able to get strikes declared illegal for minor technical errors in the ballot.

If successful, this would put an end to the ridiculous shenanigans that see strikes and ballots delayed and pantomimes such as Unite's BA cabin crew getting an injunction which was then lifted on appeal. It would reaffirm that it is legal for us to strike for our rights.

So it is very important that we support this Bill — and not just by admiring from the sidelines but by actively mobilising to support it.

Such a campaign would increase its chance of being passed — though probably from negligible to minimal — and more importantly, raise awareness as to the injustice of the current laws and the way that judges almost always interpret them to the benefit of employers and against unions.

It would help to ensure that if and when strikes are injuncted, we will all understand how unjust it is, and will be more willing and confident to find ways to defy it.

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