How will education cuts affect women?

Submitted by Matthew on 10 June, 2010 - 12:52 Author: Jade Baker

The next step for the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is a newly formed and affiliated movement, “NCAFC Women’s Liberation”.

After six successful months in action, women in the national campaign have taken the decision to pioneer this as a logical route to expansion.

Women, who constitute 65 per cent of the public service workforce and tend to be the main recipients of the services, accordingly suffer more from education, public sector, welfare cuts.

The liberation movement is set to tackle imminent threats to women who are studying and working in education. This will include a resistance to the sudden demise of on-campus nurseries — which are being swatted like flies at Queen Mary University, University of Westminster, University of the Arts London and elsewhere.

It also seeks to link up cuts in ESOL and make the political arguments about how this specifically targets and discriminates against immigrant women, making them even more vulnerable.

The campaign is intent on wedging into the NUS bureaucracy and lobbying women’s officers to carry out an audit on how education cuts will affect women and to build campaigns on top of the research. Concurrent to that “NCAFAC Women’s Liberation” will be conducting its own audit and will also be urging students to pass motions at their union AGMs in favour of assigning a designated women’s officer where there is not one already.

NCAFAC Women’s Liberation will be making its first public outing by intervening at the NUS anti-cuts meeting on June, 29. Join us!

But most of all we are looking to link up with other feminist campaigns to fight the cuts. For more details contact:

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