Labour Party: bringing people back on a principled basis

Submitted by Matthew on 15 April, 2010 - 2:14 Author: John McDonnell MP

To judge from the official manifesto, Labour appears to have learned some lessons about the last thirteen years. But not enough.

The manifesto fails to make a challenge to the financial system. It leaves the banks in private hands, free to start the casino economy again.

It maintains a taxation system that allows the rich to escape the cost of maintaining public services. It continues to allow privatisation of our public services.

We have seen a lot of anti-immigrant coverage in the press in recent days. I am fearful that comments by both Labour and Tories on immigration are playing into the hands of the BNP, and in that way will stir up problems in constituencies where the the BNP will increasingly be able to mobilise racist support.

In the our first fortnight of our campaign in Hayes and Harlington, we have had a warm response on the doorstep, on a personal basis, to the policies I have advocated over the last 13 years.

People express support for the positions I have taken against the wars, for public services, and in support of trade union struggles in the area.

But we still need help in getting this vote mobilised and out on the day. People are cynical and sceptical about politics.

We need people on the ground to canvass and mobilise the vote. Our worry is a low turnout because of the general disillusionment.

With our campaign, we aim to bring people back into political activity on a principled basis.

• Contact: Hayes and Harlington Labour Party, 020 8569 0010

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