Unite to stop the Tories and fascists!

Submitted by Matthew on 5 February, 2010 - 11:38 Author: Maria Exall, CWU National Executive (personal capacity)

David Cameron’s Tories are preparing an assault on the working class if they gain power in the General Election that will be held within the next few months. It is clear that, if elected, they will institute massive cuts in state spending that will devastate public services and working class living standards.

They will also attempt to break the public sector unions and bring in draconian restrictions on workplace rights and the rights of trade unions to take part in politics. They will attempt to reverse progressive social policies brought in by Labour over the past 13 years. They will increase the targeting of immigrants and asylum seekers, single parents, benefit recipients and others who are vulnerable.

The majority of the organised working class, and working class voters, continue to focus on a Labour Government as the best political option. This is despite their track record. With the exception of two small unions, the unions with affiliated political funds have stayed with the Labour Party. Those who have created new political funds, or who have disaffiliated, are not affiliated to any other political party.

Socialists and trade unionists should call for a Labour vote and work for a Labour victory. Our commitment to the working class demands that. We cannot stand outside the electoral battle as those with a cleverer analysis, or a clearer conscience. Our role is not to be external experts or preachers but to be fighters for the class.

The voice of the working class in this election, and beyond, must be heard within the Labour Party. This is the best way to prepare for labour movement resistance to the ongoing capitalist crisis and the attacks on workers that will result, whoever is in government.

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