Strikes promised to fight civil service cuts

Submitted by Matthew on 5 February, 2010 - 2:04

Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) leader Mark Serwotka has promised a strike campaign in the run-up to the general election aimed at causing “the most disruption possible” to the government.

PCS is balloting its entire membership on rolling action to oppose moves by the government to reduce civil servants'
redundancy payments by up to a third. For some low-paid workers, this could mean losing out on up to £20,000, and
the union argues that the move is the thin end of a wedge that will lead to massive job cuts.

Interviewed in the Guardian, Serwotka said "We will maximise strike action in March and the run-up to the election to put as much pressure on the government as possible. Our strategy is to cause the most disruption possible until they see reason. Workers are being robbed of their accrued rights so it is no wonder they feel so angry. The government is ripping up contracts and is showing shameful double standards by being tough on the low paid but letting highly paid bankers off the hook by allowing them to keep their contractual rights to huge bonuses."

Other unions organising in the civil service, such as Prospect, Unite and GMB, have already signed a deal with the employers, leaving the PCS somewhat isolated. Cabinet Secretary Gus O'Donnell has said that he “would urge PCS members to think long and hard about how they vote” in the upcoming industrial action ballot. So would we;vote yes to strike action!

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