London Underground: vote yes for action on pay!

Submitted by Matthew on 10 December, 2009 - 1:04 Author: A RMT member

Our members on London Underground are balloting on whether or not to to take action to improve a pay deal from management — an offer of 1.5% this year and 0.5% next. The ballot result is due on 21 December.

At the same time, ASLEF (which organises drivers on the Underground) is holding a referendum on the same deal in which the Society’s leaders are recommending a Yes vote!

RMT members should vote for more action on our pay fight, "yes" to strikes and "yes" to action short of strikes. The offer lags way behind the rate at which our living expenses are going up. It also lags way behind what our workmates in other railway companies are getting. ASLEF members should vote "no" to the offer.

RMT's industrial action ballot comes after a painfully long wait since the early-October reps’ meeting which voted for more action.

Whatever happens the rank and file of both unions need to reclaim this dispute from the head offices, and to unite to win a better deal.

London Underground has made a revised offer on medical redeployment that only applies to 25 drivers and 25 staff from other grades. It does not actually guarantee an alternative job to those who become unfit to do their current one. Talks are continuing on that issue.

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