How to change your subscription address for AWL e-lists

Submitted by martin on 16 October, 2009 - 9:33

If you are changing your e-address, please follow the instructions below to change your subscription address for the awl e-lists. Please do it before your access to the old e-address ends.

  • Go to and click on the button to get yourself sent a reminder of the password on the list server for the old e-address. (This will usually be different from your password for
  • Log in with the old e-address, using the password you have just received. Enter your new e-address, click on the "change globally" option, and you change your subscription details for all the lists, not just awl-external.

The AWL office can't do this for you (we don't know your password and can't get a reminder of it sent anywhere other than your old e-address).

It is much quicker and easier than the AWL office changing your subscriptions for you. That demands someone at the office knowing exactly which lists you are on, going into the web interface for each list you're on, one after the other, deleting your old subscription and adding the new one.

If you have no access at all to your old e-address, then - unless you can remember your password on the list server [distinct from your password on] - we will have to do the change the long way. Please e-mail

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