Mass deportation flight to southern Iraq

Submitted by cathy n on 13 October, 2009 - 9:22

A specially chartered, mass deportation flight is scheduled to leave to southern Iraq for the first time on Wednesday 14 October. The flight is expected to go to Baghdad.

‘Karim’, who has been given a deportation ticket, says:
‘How can they be sending me back to Baghdad. There were three car bombs there on the news yesterday. I have a girlfriend, friends and a life here. I don’t know anyone in Baghdad. The only people I know in Iraq are in Kirkuk, hundreds of miles away.’

Approximately 30 people are being held in immigration detention centres around London and have been given deportation tickets informing them they will be removed to Iraq sometime this week. The UK Border Agency does not release the exact time or date to detainees or their legal representatives.
A statement from the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees says:

‘The government is forcing people back to a country devastated by a war it started. It is utterly inhumane and immoral. They are trying to keep their crimes secret – even the people they want to deport have not been told where they will be sent back to or when. We call on everybody to resist these deportations in any way they can.’
There will be a demonstration at 5pm Wednesday 14 October outside UK Immigration Service, Communications House 210 Old Street, London EC1V 9BR

Contact: Richard, 07824 996724 for more details
For more details on previous deportation charter flights to the KRG, see:

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