Socialist election campaign: fight for working-class politics

Submitted by martin on 29 August, 2009 - 10:30 Author: Rick Denton

The AWL is standing Jill Mountford against New Labour's Harriet Harman in the general election. Our election campaign continues to roll on, as the local AWL branch leaflets and runs stalls across the Peckham and Camberwell constituency.

Peckham has an acute housing problem, exacerbated by a recent major, fatal fire in an unsafe council block. On many local estates unemployment runs at 30%, with many other workers on minimum wage jobs.

Housing, pay and jobs are the key issues workers raise with us. The branch sold a large number of the recent issue of Solidarity with a heavy emphasis on the Vestas occupation, as we explained how workers could fightback to save jobs.

There is widespread hostility to politicians in general, and to Labour in particular. We have met very few workers who can name any real benefit from the New Labour government. The majority have no idea who their MP is.

We have also noticed a significant increase in the numbers of workers willing to stand and talk to us.

The local campaign plans a public debate, “What sort of government do we need?” on Thursday 8 October. Speakers will include Jill Mountford and Cllr Gordon Nardell, a Labour leftwinger. The Green Party and Respect, who are also standing in the constituency, have been invited to speak.

To help our comrades phone 0207 207 3997. Or email

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