Mobilise against "anti-Muslim" protests

Submitted by martin on 29 August, 2009 - 9:47 Author: Charlie Salmon

The recent spate of “anti-Muslim” protests, initiated by a group calling itself the “English Defence League”, needs to be urgently addressed.

The EDL adamantly denies links with fascist organisations, claims to be “non-racist”, and poses as a specifically “anti-extremist” group. The EDL is less than truthful about its real origins and links with groups like the BNP and National Front. They most certainly are anti-Asian racists.

After staging a racist riot in Luton earlier this year and a provocation in Birmingham recently, the EDL is calling further such actions through September and October. The left and anti-fascist groups should mobilise in force to stop them.

The AWL advocates mass mobilisation, direct action and self-defence against racists and fascists. We argue for working class politics. We work to mobilise the broad labour movement, trade unions and other working class organisations.

The EDL have called demonstrations in Harrow on 29 August, Birmingham on 5 September, Luton on 19 September and Manchester on 10 October.

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