Socialist Alliance call makes progress in North East

Submitted by Newcastle on 16 July, 2009 - 9:20

Several dozen activists in the North East have signed the call issued by Workers’ Liberty for a new Socialist Alliance.

There is special interest in the area because of the existence of groupings such as Tyneside Socialist Forum and Teesside Solidarity Network — forums in which socialists from different tendencies and none can come together in common activity and debate.

Tyneside Socialist Forum has existed since the old Socialist Alliance, but Teesside Solidarity Network is a new grouping initiated by AWL comrades. Both groups will be discussing the statement soon.

Even in areas without existing left unity projects, there is widespread support for the idea of something like a new Socialist Alliance.

Do what the comrades in the North East have done — circulate copies of the statement, collect signatures and propose discussions about it in your trade union branch, campaign group or socialist organisation.


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