Nortel sackings

Submitted by Newcastle on 16 July, 2009 - 8:10

More redundancies are expected in coming weeks from the big telecommunications equipment manufacturer Nortel.

All Nortel workers have been left in a precarious position, unsure whether they will keep their jobs from one day to the next. In early July, redundancies were made in addition to 228 imposed back in March. The company, which filed for “Chapter Eleven” bankruptcy protection from its U.S. creditors in January, says that all company pensions have been lost.

The company has sold its assets, in lucrative packages, to the Israeli technology firm Radwar and to Noki Siemens Networks — and yet says there is no money for redundancy pay!

Sign the “Abuse of Nortel Workers’ Rights” petition: AbuseofNortelworkersrights/

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