Round Up

Submitted by Off The Rails on 23 February, 2009 - 6:31

130 RMT and TSSA members in retail grades on C2C were to strike to demand 28 days’ annual leave from their tight-fisted employer. C2C gives only 22 days’ leave and pays staff only for public holidays that they work.

However, despite the overwhelming votes for action, the two unions called off planned strikes for a promise by management of more talks.

Off The Rails has long argued that calling action just for talks is a bad idea - unions can talk and strike at the same time, and should really only consider suspending action if the talks are about an improved offer.


London Overground workers are to ballot for strikes.

RMT is demanding better pay for staff, who are currently paid much less than their equivalents in London Underground.


In Egypt, the National Railway’s 62,000 signallers and switch operators took strike action to demand wage parity with train drivers.

Drivers also took action in January, also over pay. At one point, 2-300 drivers congregated on the tracks of Cairo’s Ramsis station, preventing trains from moving for four hours.

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