Fighting the Sickness Bullies

Submitted by Off The Rails on 23 February, 2009 - 6:46

At Glasgow Central depot, Virgin Trains have abused the MFA policy so badly that RMT onboard members have voted for strikes (23 votes to 10) and industrial action short of strikes (28-5). Managers have called people in to meetings at very short notice, and created a climate of fear about asking for union representation.

RMT first balloted in December, getting a big Yes vote, but fell foul of the anti-union laws - or made a cock-up, whichever way you prefer to look at it. Following a second vote for action, we now await the union’s decision on what action to take.

Last year, London Underground station staff on East Ham group held a strike and an overtime ban in protest at the local manager’s unfair treatment of sick staff. Several of his punitive decisions were overturned as a result, and although there are still problems on the group, management get away with less than they used to.

Station staff on the Tube’s Willesden Green group are now following suit, asking RMT to ballot them for action against a similar bullying manager, whose list of injustices shocks even hardened union reps!

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