Defend Yahya Al-Faifi

Submitted by AWL on 12 February, 2009 - 8:01

Yahya Al-Faifi was persecuted for organising a trade union at BAE Systems in Saudi Arabia, a state where all serious oppositionists are rounded up, tortured, imprisoned and denied a fair trial.

Very few people have dared organise trade unions in Saudi Arabia. Yahya Al-Faifi is an exceptionally courageous man.

Yahya Al-Faifi was forced to flee to Britain in 2004 with some of his family. He settled in south Wales and continued his union work with the Communications Workers Union. He has continued to highlight the oppression trade unionists face in Saudi Arabia.

He now faces deportation from the UK. The Home Office has refused the application for refugee status for Yahya, his wife and his children.

He urgently needs the support of all trade unionists and socialists to stay here.

His campaign are asking people to contact MPs ask them to put pressure on the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith MP.

They are also asking people to email or write to Jacqui Smith and register their support for Yahya Al-Faifi and his family to stay in the UK:

If anyone has any means to get trade unions or trade union representatives to intervene on Yahya’s behalf please do so.

• Email the campaign here:

• Interview with Yahya:

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