Free education: demonstrate in 2009!

Submitted by AWL on 17 October, 2008 - 12:46

A coalition of student activists, in a campaign initiated by Education Not for Sale, is planning to organise a demonstration at the start of 2009 against all fees and for a living grant.

The demands are:

* No raising of the cap on top-up fees; halt and reverse the growth in international students’ fees; abolish all fees in higher education and further education – free education for all;

* A living grant for every student over 16 — at least £150 a week; and a living wage for nursing and other students who have to work as part of their course;

* Stop and reverse marketisation in our schools, colleges and universities — tax the rich and corporations to fund education.

They want to organise this demonstration in alliance with trade union activists fighting back against wage freezes, job cuts and privatisation; with other anti-cuts and privatisation campaigns; with young people’s and children’s organisations; and with others who believe that education should be open to all as a human right, not a privilege open to a minority based on wealth.

They are also calling on the National Union of Students and autonomous campaigns within NUS to support the demonstration.

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