Mike McNair: political dominance in the world

Submitted by cathy n on 16 October, 2008 - 5:40

There is a basic thing missing the arguments of the comrades of the AWL... The world is not composed of a flat system of states which are all equal to one another. The... inequality between these states is not purely economic...

There is politically constituted exploitation in the modern world. There are systematic hierarchical links between states... the dominance of one state over another state, dependency of one state on another state.

There is only one year post-1945 when British troops have not been in action, in counter-insurgency work overseas. Where have British troops been involved in counter-insurgency work overseas? Until the most recent stuff — and even to a certain extent now, in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan — in the former British colonies.

The same is true in relation to French troops. French troops have been deployed overseas for a great deal of the post-1945 period in former French colonies...

How that relates to this immediate question, an attack on Iran... The existence of the state of Israel is not at stake in the present situation. What is at stake in the present situation is a United States-led attack on Iran, primarily by air, which may use an Israeli attack as an excuse, a cover, the trigger. And it would be a US and British — the British air force would be deployed, dropping bunker-busters, and not just bunker-busters but cluster bombs etc., on Iranian cities.

This is about “do you support our state, the British state, in its war, its threatened war with Iran?”

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