John Bridge: ‘Drive AWL social imperialists out of the labour movement’

Submitted by AWL on 16 October, 2008 - 5:43

Listening to Sean, it felt like he was living on a different planet... I heard a caricature description of the left. I felt “is he talking to the SWP or is he talking to the CPGB, is he talking to people in this room or is he talking to people in his imagination?”

Quite clearly he’s talking to people in his own fertile imagination, because he wasn’t talking to anybody who’s his opponent in this room.

We were told in his AWL leaflets that the main question today is Iran arming itself with nuclear weapons and preparing to attack little Israel. Sorry comrades, you’ve got it the wrong way around. Try reading a newspaper, try actually listening to the news. What you’ll find is it’s not nasty Iran who’s just about to launch a nuclear strike or a pre-emptive strike on Israel, but the other way round...

And what’s Sean’s response to this strike that he views as “inevitable”? What he said was that he and the AWL... would stand aside. What can we object to? In what name have we got the right to object to such a strike? Nothing, nothing...

You comrades are vicarious Zionists... What you’ve done is cross class lines and constitute yourselves as social imperialists. And that needs driving out of the labour movement, yes it does, and yes it will be.

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