Teach-in for Abortion Rights

Submitted by AWL on 7 March, 2008 - 7:16 Author: Amy Fisher

Although this year has seen no defeats for the abortion rights movement, we cannot afford to be complacent. The government has indicated it won’t seek to reduce the time limit at the moment but this is predicated on scientific evidence of foetal viability – basing time limits on this means any medical advances could threaten abortion rights. At the same time, David Cameron has spoken about the need to reduce the time limit, after leaders of all three parties came out for a reduction during the last election.

It is not enough that we have suffered no defeats this year – abortion rights activists must go on the offensive, for a real right to choose. It’s hard to choose an abortion when the NHS is being privatised out of existence, and it’s hard to choose to have a child when the minimum wage is pathetically low, state benefits are being cut and free, good quality childcare is non-existent. The work Abortion Rights do in parliament is important, but it cannot substitute for a mass, active movement fighting for a right to choose that actually means something.

Feminist Fightback is following up on 2007’s torchlit march for abortion rights and our continued campaigning for full reproductive freedom with an abortion rights teach-in, 12 April, at London School of Economics. Sessions will include how to campaign: a practical workshop; Imperialism and Motherhood — race, empire and reproductive freedoms; Getting your message across: making the pro-choice case; The current situation: NHS, law, state provision, internationally; Planning for a national day of action.

This event is aimed at feminists, trade unionists, students, school students and others. Come and learn more about the historical and current situation, develop campaigning skills, and get involved in a militant pro-choice campaign.

• 12 April, 12-5pm at Clement House Building, London School of Economics, London, WC2A (Holborn tube).

More information – 07971 719 797 rebecca.galbraith@yahoo.co.uk

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