Tube Update

Submitted by Off The Rails on 19 February, 2008 - 1:15

London Underground workers are gearing up for strike action against a raft of management attacks.

The company is using agency staff and security guards, and plans to bring in ‘mobile station supervisors’ covering several stations at once. Although this is currently confined to a dozen stations, a company document says that these measures will be considered for ‘future wider roll-out’.

On top of this, LUL is undermining minimum staffing levels, trying to weaken workers’ right to refuse to work on safety grounds, and has plunged its internal promotion system into chaos to justify external recruitment.

RMT and TSSA have declared their intention to ballot for strike action. It is essential that such action involves all grades, and that there is no further procrastination in setting dates.

Union activists need to be out talking to members about the issues, and need strong support and leadership from the head office and from full-time release reps.
The company is casualising and cutting the workforce. We have to stop them.

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