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Submitted by Off The Rails on 19 February, 2008 - 1:37

New bosses, same bad attitude

Three months into the new franchise, East Midlands Trains (ex Midland Mainline and part of Central Trains) management have announced their intention to tear up terms and conditions for Senior Conductors.

One of the conditions most liked by ex-CT EMT train staff is that Sundays are not part of the working week: a recent survey showed staff wanted to keep it that way. While the old operator wasn’t fussed because they weren’t interested in providing a Sunday service, it may be that as part of their winning bid the new franchisee had to guarantee to run it.

Now we know how they plan to achieve that. They want Senior Conductors to agree to committed Sundays, but with the survey results in mind they know they can’t negotiate it in as it stands. There will be no concessions for agreeing to this so they are only offering to consult.

Not content with riding roughshod over negotiating rights, the consultation document says that if all the jobs aren’t covered on Sundays then other staff will be trained to do the duties. Bad enough, but when else might they be used, on strike days for example?!

We have already started moves towards a strike ballot. The union also needs to put out a general call to all other groups of workers to refuse to do any training. And we need to put pressure on train managers from the old MML not to work our trains on Sundays because they have scabbed when we have been on strike before.

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