Contact AWL branches

Submitted by Pete on 23 April, 2006 - 9:08

If you want to find out what the AWL is doing in your area or to ask the AWL to help your union, Labour Party or campaign email our office at

We have branches in Brighton, North Yorkshire (Leeds, Wakefield, York), North West (Manchester and Liverpool), North East (Newcastle, Darlington, Durham), East Midlands (Nottingham, Newark and Leicester), Sheffield, Scotland (Glasgow and Edinburgh). We have an online-only branch which brings together activists elsewhere in the UK and internationally. Our London branches are: North London, Lewisham, Lambeth and London civil service.

Our activists also meet regularly in trade union networks covering: tubeworkers, railworkers, health workers, Unison members, Unite members, Higher Education workers, school workers and PCS members (see the blogs listed in the dropdown menu at the top of this site).

Workers' Liberty student activists meet online every two weeks.

We have networks for women comrades and LGBT+ comrades.

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