Stations 35-Hour Week 2004-6

A Shorter Working Week?

Well it’s been nearly 4 months since the new rosters were imposed, ahem I mean implemented, on a grateful LUL workforce!

The SWW was heralded as a great deal for staff but in reality that is far from the truth for a lot of staff.

Who in their right mind would envy CSAs at Wembley Park and their...

Customer Led?

Question: When is a customer-led organisation not a Customer led organisation?

Answer: When that customer-led organisation is London Underground Ltd!

Just over a month has elapsed since the new Shorter Working Week rosters were imposed on / accepted by (depending on your point of view) the...

Thirteen mistakes

Before listing 13 key mistakes that Tubeworker thinks that RMT made during the stations shorter working week campaign, we need to make a few things clear. The blame for the cuts in staffing levels lies squarely with management, and behind them, the Mayor. RMT at least fought the cuts, whereas TSSA...

Tube station staff endorse inadequate deal

RMT’s stations membership have voted by about 5:1 (1,250ish to 250ish) to accept the deal brokered by LUL management and the union’s leadership. In doing so, it has ended the dispute over the staffing cuts, and those cuts will now go ahead.

So, why did members vote to give up this fight? A few...

Brief report on last Thursday’s mass meeting

About 60 people there, three-quarters of them station staff, the rest other grades. So an OK turnout, but not as ‘mass’ as a mass meeting might have been. Had it been held before the National Executive had decided what to do with LUL’s offer, then loads more people would have come, because they...

We've Started So We Should Finish

... as Magnus Magnusson might say.

When the union embarks on a campaign, it has to see it through. Station staff - including some of LUL's lowest-paid grades - sacrificed two days' pay to act not just in their own interests, but in the interests of colleagues and passengers. Our union should...

RMT Tube station staff: Vote No to management’s inadequate offer

Vote to Keep Up the Fight

RMT is asking its members to accept an offer from management which amounts to giving up our fight against staffing cuts for a few small concessions. Tubeworker urges readers to vote “No”.

If we accept this – if we call off our fight – then management will go through...

Media Frenzy

Talk about a rough ride in the press! You’d think we were planning mass murder, not fighting for staff and passenger safety.

The BBC’s reports sounded like they were lifted straight from an LUL press release, claiming that you “might not have noticed” there was a strike on cos disruption was so...

Strange Management Behaviour During Strikes (part 756)

It's New Year's Eve, and Bank station is closed, the Waterloo & City line suspended. Management tell the signaller on duty to send a train to Bank, carrying the precious cargo of a DSM and half a dozen "station staff". Half and hour later, the station re-opens.

Surely the company has not worked...

Why Does The Media Hate Us?

The media, both print and screen, gave us a real battering during the station strikes. While activists are right to feel angry at the hypocrisy and shamelessness of the TV and newspaper barons, we should not be surprised.

Whatever the sympathies of individual journalists, those who make the real...

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