Solidarity 121, 8 November 2007

Solidarity 3/121 in pdf format

Download pdf here (see "attachment"). The front page calls for working-class unity against New Labour's call for "British jobs for British workers" and the Tories' anti-immigrant campaign; the back page, for solidarity with the left in Pakistan and for a no vote in the CWU postal workers' ballot. Inside: Defend Karen Reissman; Iran; world credit crisis; LRC conference; abortion rights; National Union of Students democracy campaign; Respect split; and much more.

October 1917



Who fears to praise Red Seventeen?
Who quails at Lenin’s name?
When liars jeer at Trotsky's fate
Who adds his, “Theirs the blame”?
Cain-Stalin’s slave, or bourgeois brave
Will scorn the Old Cause thus,
But honest men and women
Will raise a voice with us.

No to war, no to the Islamic Republic!

US Vice-President Dick Cheney is reported to have thought up a clever scheme to launch an attack on Iran. In this plan, Israel will bomb an Iranian nuclear installation, Iran will respond by launching missiles at Israel, and this will serve as the pretext for an American attack.

Mr Galloway: Mixing business and politics


David Broder

Gorgeous George by David Morley

Given his colossal ego, z-list celebrity status and continuing admiration of Stalinist politics, it is hard to imagine a better candidate for biography than George Galloway. However, those who deduce from David Morley’s chosen title, “Gorgeous George”, that the book is irreverent or cutting will be greatly disappointed.

Respect in Tower Hamlets


John Bloxam

The first act of the four SWP-allied councillors who have split away from the main Respect opposition group in Tower Hamlets was not to launch a high-profile campaign aimed on any of the many issues which affecting workers in the borough — for instance the threatened transfer of council housing to an ALMO. After the SWP’s noises about breaking from the “ineffectiveness” and “communalism” of Respect in Tower Hamlets, surely this would have been an appropriate course.

Royal Mail: Vote No

Dave Warren is a member of the Postal Executive of the post and telecom union CWU. He opposed the deal with Royal Mail endorsed by a majority of the Executive on 22 October, and has been campaigning for a no vote in the ballot on the deal which runs between 9 and 27 November. He spoke to Solidarity.

So far about 20 CWU branches have taken a position to oppose the deal. Flexibility is a very big issue for many members. If it were a straight pay deal, there would not be the same opposition.

Support the left in Pakistan!


Cathy Nugent

Why did Pakistan’s military ruler General Musharraf risk millions of dollars in military and other financial aid from the US and EU by declaring martial law on 3 November?

1917 + 90 — Leon Trotsky: All power to the soviets!

This is the 90th anniversary of the Russian workers’ revolution of November 1917. Since the fall in 1991 of the Stalinist regime which eventually overwhelmed the workers’ government and made a counter-revolution in the 1920s, more has been available to researchers in the west. Some new books have advanced our understanding of the revolution. None, however, can match the exciting exposition of the course of 1917, in Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution. Written in 1930, Trotsky’s book presents a fascinating study of the ebbs and flows of a complex class struggle.

Heroines of revolution


Amy Fisher

The London socialist feminist reading group went to see Heroines of Revolution, a play by the New Factory of the Eccentric Actor.

In a tiny community hall in Kentish Town, the play was performed moving around the room, with no separation between the audience and the actors. The play was a series of scenes from revolutionary history, with speeches and diary excerpts from well-known, and less well-known, women revolutionaries.

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