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Representatives from Workers' Liberty, the Socialist Party, the Alliance for Green Socialism, and the Socialist Alliance Democratic Platform met on 28 November 2004 in London and discussed working together to establish a working-class socialist presence in the probable 2005 general election.

An outline political basis for what we decided to call the Socialist Green Unity Coalition was agreed. It consists of a preamble (below) and a series of policy points (agreed in outline, but subject to ratification and editing).

The agreed preamble reads as follows:

In the looming general election a joint campaign against Blair is being mounted by four parties. These will put forward an alternative to the right-wing policies of privatisation, war, and environmental destruction offered by both the major parties and the Liberal Democrats too.

We believe that the New Labour party of Blair and Brown has deprived the working class of political representation, and we want to restore a workers' voice in politics.

We believe MPs should receive the average wage of a skilled worker, and we are standing to give voters a chance to elect MPs who will not profit personally from election.

Our parties are socialist. We believe that there is a fundamental contradition between the needs of capital in an exploitative, profit-driven system, and the needs of the large majority of human beings here and throughout the world. We stand for a thoroughgoing restructuring of the economy and society as a whole, based on common ownership under democratic working-class control of the major concentrations of productive wealth.

We are green socialists. We want integrated, expanded, and publicly-owned and run transport services, and a planned conversion of the energy industries to sustainable technologies. These are just the first steps needed to stop capitalist greed destroying the world in which we live through global warming and environmental destruction.

As separate parties, we each have our own programme and policies corresponding to the different perspectives we have on how socialist and environmental change can best be achieved. But all our parties and candidates will campaign for [and here will follow a selection of the policy points we have worked on].

See below for statements and press releases by the coalition

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