Scotland: Workers' Liberty 3/9

The Act of Union

Three hundred years ago, on 16 January 1707, the Scottish Parliament voted in favour of ratification of the Treaty of Union with England. On 28 April the Scottish Parliament was dissolved by proclamation. Three days later, with the opening of the first session of the new British Parliament, the state of Great Britain formally came into existence. Stan Crooke examines the background and the immediate results of the Act of Union. “the most radical elements in the modern British labour movement are most often natives of Ireland or Scotland... Scotland entered on the capitalist path later than...

The 1707 Act of Union and the rise of the Scottish working class

“In the question of the self-determination of nations, as in every other question, we are interested, first and foremost, in the self-determination of the proletariat within a given nation....” VI Lenin The London establishment and the government and the British Labour Party are agitated by the fear that the Scottish Nationalist Party and others who want an independent Scotland will in the 2007 elections win a majority in the Scottish Parliament. A sense of distinct Scottish identity has survived 300 years of union with England and the long Scottish equal partnership with England at the centre...

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