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East Midlands trains dispute

The 2 to 1 result in the ballot for action short of strike on East Midland Trains by on-train and platform staff is a welcome reversal of previous failures to respond to management attacks.

The dispute is due to a breakdown in industrial relations which covers several issues. One of these was rostering during the shutdown of Nottingham station for 5 weeks worth of long time planned engineering work.

Justice for the 33!

Agency workers staffed the north of the Bakerloo Line and the south of the District Line since London Underground took over from Silverlink in 2007.

Wearing LU uniforms without earning LU wages, agency workers delivered outstanding customer service on flexible terms that suited LU’s needs. When short of staff, LU phoned the agency, which got an agency worker to keep a station running at the drop of a hat: the kind of flexible staffing solution that LU would like to replicate everywhere.

Marxism at work: no to immigration controls!

Right-wing media and politicians are whipping up a storm of fear over immigration. If we believe them, immigration is to blame for unemployment, housing shortages and low wages.

The Home Office even has a van driving round telling “illegal” immigrants to “go home or face arrest”.

Workers need to see through the lies peddled by the ruling class. Division based on nationality and immigration status only benefits our bosses.

Domestic violence is a union issue

Every week, two women are killed by their partner or ex partner.

Many thousands more (and a smaller number of men) are victims of domestic violence. This is NOT an issue to be dealt with behind closed doors. It affects people at work and we need to take it up as a workplace issue.

Being a victim of domestic violence can affect how well you do your job, your timekeeping, your physical and mental well-being. But on a more positive note, going to work can be your means of escape, your opportunity to find support.

Northern Rail dispute

RMT decided not to call strikes on Northern Rail in a dispute over casualisation, after signing an agreement with management which offered some concessions on ongoing issues.

The company has agreed to changes or reviews on issues including concessionary travel and rostering systems. A communiqué from management to Northern Rail staff said the resolved items were “relatively minor in the scheme of things”.

Cleaners' battles continue

The Tyne and Wear Metro cleaners’ struggle for living wages, sick pay, and travel pass equality is now one of the longest-running disputes in the British labour movement.
They began a two-week strike on 9 July, and have so far struck for 19 (not all consecutive) days in their dispute.

Fighting casualisation

This issue of Off The Rails focuses on the issue of casualisation, and how to fight it (and how not to fight it!).

On the centre pages, there’s an article looking at the “Justice for the 33” campaign, and elsewhere we discuss the dispute against casualisation on Northern Rail.
Casualised forms of working are spreading around the railway industry like wildfire.

Off The Rails Winter 2012/13

The latest issue of Off The Rails, a platform for rank-and-file rail workers produced by Workers' Liberty. This issue discusses the fight against "vertical integration", the Crossrail sparks' battle, cleaners' strikes, and more.

Click here to download PDF.

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