Off The Rails

Off The Rails - Summer 2015


Off The Rails

The latest edition of Off The Rails, a platform for rank-and-file rail workers published by Workers' Liberty.

Off The Rails - Winter 2014/2015

The latest edition of Off The Rails, a platform for rank-and-file rail workers published by Workers' Liberty.

This issue includes news on...

  • Northern Rail pay dispute
  • East Midlands Trains Senior Conductors' dispute
  • London Underground jobs fight
  • Cleaners' struggles

  • Keep the Guard on the Train: interview with a campaign organiser
  • Fighting DOO
  • Can we force Labour to renationalise the railway?
  • ...and...

    Back Findlay/Clark!

    Neil Findlay MSP and Katy Clark MP are standing for the leadership and deputy leadership of the Scottish Labour Party.

    Tube jobs fight

    Since November 2013, London Underground workers have been fighting a management cuts plan that could see hundreds of jobs slashed and every ticket office on the network close.

    Strikes in February and April, as well as overtime bans and other industrial action, along with the threat of further strikes, have pushed management back. They have been forced to delay the implementation of their cuts until early 2016, and make a number of concessions to the RMT (the only Tube union which has consistently fought the cuts).

    Northern Rail workers vote on pay deal

    ASLEF members at Northern Rail have voted to take strike action over pay. The result was 82.2% voting Yes on an 82% turnout.

    The union met the company's management on 17 November, where the company offered a further 0.3% in year one of the deal, plus commitments on "retention" talks for drivers. On 18 November, as Off The Rails went to press the union's Executive Committee had resolved to hold a referendum on this offer, with full details promised with the voting paper.

    Northern Rail drivers: fight DOO!

    Traincrew on Northern Rail and, presumably, in other TOCs/FOCs will have seen the blue rectangular stickers in driving cabs bearing the ASLEF and British Transport Police emblems.

    These stickers give a list of steps that a driver should take in the event of their train striking a person. The list includes obvious things like contacting the signaller and the BTP “Fatality Hotline”. What it does not include is that the driver should inform the guard.

    Keep the Guard on the Train!

    Moving to “Driver Only Operation” (DOO) is a key recommendation of the McNulty Report, commissioned by the last Labour government and enthusiastically taken up by the Tories. TOCs like Northern Rail and TransPennine Express are already moving towards DOO. But workers are fighting back. A guard on Northern Rail, who has been actively involved in the “Keep the Guard on the Train” campaign, spoke to Off The Rails.

    OTR: Can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been involved in locally and on a national level?

    Marxism at Work: What are Trade Unions?

    In the day to day functioning of capitalist society, workers are exploited. On an individual basis workers are weak and cannot fight back against the bosses so we have formed trades unions – organisations where workers combine together to fight for better conditions.  

    Workers have common interests – better pay, better working conditions – around which we can unite in trades unions.  The only power we have is in our numbers, we are strong together.

    East Midlands Trains: don't sell out Senior Conductors!

    Last year, RMT members on East Midlands Trains (EMT) took nearly eight weeks of industrial action (short of strikes).

    After EMT bosses sought a high court injunction, some of the action was deemed illegal, on the basis that it was in fact strike action, rather than actions-short-of-strikes.

    EMT is suing RMT for hundreds of thousands of pounds off the back of that ruling, but say that they will reduce the amount of damages they will claim if the union agrees to swingeing changes to the terms and conditions of Senior Conductors.

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