Ireland: the socialist answer

Ireland:18 Ideological Lies The Left Tells Itself (1986)

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Lie no. 1: Ireland is a single unit.

Ireland is one island, but plainly not one people. A minority of one million define themselves as different from the rest of the Irish, and as British. They form the compact majority in north-east Ulster - that is, the north-east of the present artificial Six Counties unit. They have been manipulated by British ruling-class politicians playing 'the Orange card', but they have their own identity or subidentity and their own concerns.

Northern Ireland - Crisis and Breakdown, 1968-1985: What Happened, and Why

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From the mid-1960s a sizeable minority of the people of the USA turned against the war their government was waging in Vietnam. They marched, demonstrated and lobbied to force their government to stop the war.

This active opposition of a section of their own people was a major factor in making the Indochina war unwinnable for the mighty US government.

Our record on Ireland

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Socialist Organiser [the publication at the time of the tendency now represented by Workers’ Liberty and Solidarity] traces its attitude on Ireland back to the small group of socialists who produced the journal An Solas/Workers Republic in 1966-7, under the umbrella of the Irish Workers Group.

Theses on the Anglo-Irish (Hillborough) Agreement of 1985

Submitted by AWL on Fri, 05/05/2006 - 12:26

1. What is the Anglo-Irish agreement?

The Anglo-Irish agreement sets up an inter-governmental conference - backed up by a permanent secretariat stationed in Belfast-between the London and Dublin governments which will jointly run Northern Ireland.

The executive power stays exclusively in British hands but the political control of the executive is normally to reside in the intergovernmental conference.

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