Marxism and Religion: Workers' Liberty 3/1

Church and school in the Soviet Republic

Published on: Tue, 14/08/2007 - 00:08

Nikolai Bukharin

The working class and its party — the Communist-Bolshevist Party — aim not only at an economic liberation, but also at a spiritual liberation of the toiling masses. And the economic liberation itself will proceed all the more quickly, if the proletarians will throw out of their heads all the crazy ideas that the feudal landholders and the bourgeoisie and manufacturers have knocked into them.

How easy it was for the former governing classes to hedge in the workers on all sides with their newspapers, their magazines, handbills, their priests, as well as with their schools, which they had

Political Islam, Christian Fundamentalism and the Left Today

Published on: Fri, 20/07/2007 - 00:54

Sean Matgamna

In many countries, religion and disputes about, or expressed in terms of, religion have long been central to political life — in Christian Spain, Portugal, Ireland, or the USA; in Muslim Iran or Algeria; in Lebanon; in Israel-Palestine. Today, since Islamist terrorists attacked New York on 11 September 2001, religion, or concerns and interests expressed in religion, are at the centre of international politics to a degree without parallel for hundreds of years.

We have not, as in Francis Fukuyama’s thesis after the fall of the USSR, reached “the end of history”. We seem to be reprising long

Fighting sin or fighting capital? A Debate on Socialism and Religion

Published on: Sun, 29/01/2006 - 09:59

Max Shachtman and Fr. Charles Owen Rice

Father Rice presents the case for religion

The Catholic Church is not out to capture the world in the sense in which that phrase is used. We would be out to capture, perhaps, the souls and hearts of all the people in the world if they want to embrace the true religion. But we are not setting out any revolutionary procedure such as the Marxists have entered upon, or such as the fascists have entered upon.

The Catholic Church is a church. We conceive ourselves to be the true religion. We invite all who believe in that true religion to become Catholics. The Catholic Church is not an institution

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