Workers' Liberty 18, February 1995

Editorials - February 1995

Editorial comments on Blair's "modernisation" project in the Labour Party and the peace process in Northern Ireland. Click here to download article as pdf. Article continues on page 5.

Cliff never really understood the British labour movement

I joined the Socialist Review Group [forerunner of today's SWP] in 1952 and drifted out about 1960. I was a left-wing socialist who believed that social ownership and democratic control should be extended. I believed in international socialism. I was utterly repelled by the Stalinist show trials in Eastern Europe. That put me off the Communist Party. When I was approached by an organisation which was left-wing and clearly opposed to Stalinism, I was attracted. The other organisations in the Trotskyist movement believed that the Stalinist states were degenerated workers' states which should be...

Reforms and the revolutionaries

In the context of the fight for the welfare state, how do struggles for reforms intersect with the goal of revolutionary socialism? Click here to download article as pdf.

The "IS-SWP Tradition": A symposium

A variety of socialist activists examine and discuss the IS-SWP tradition led by Tony Cliff. Click here to download part one of the symposium (Workers' Liberty 18) as pdf. Click here to download part two of the symposium (Workers' Liberty 19) as pdf Click here to read contribution by Stan Newens

The Monthly Survey - February 1995

- "Yeltsin's dirty war in Chechenia" by Dale Street - "80,000 new Labour Party members: where are they?" by Colin Foster Click here to download article as pdf.

Labour youth organise

A Young Labour activist writes about the left's attempts to fight Blairite influence within Labour's youth wing. Also included is a review of Roy Porter's London: A social history. Click here to download article as pdf.

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