The revolt of the Ennis labourers: Workers' Liberty 3/35


In the evolution of civilisation, the progress of the fight for national liberty of any subject nation must, perforce, keep pace with the struggle for liberty of the most subject class in that nation - James Connolly

2. Communism in Ireland

What of communism in Ireland? James Connolly, whose whole history suggests that he would have joined in the work of building the new Communist International, was dead 18 months before the Bolshevik Revolution.

3. The Ennis bourgeoisie and the Ennis workers

The fact that the Irish national bourgeoisie did not lead the national movement in 1916 and after did not inhibit them from from creating a thickly mythological account of Irish history as a nationalist, or ethnic-sectarian, heroic and unrelenting struggle for freedom.

5. Ennis: 1932 to the General Strike of 1934

Workers in the Free State faced a world of economic stagnation. In Clare the farmers were the new aristocracy, even though there were poor farmers in the west.

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