Union and workplace bulletins

Postalworker 22/12/03: a deal, but what is it?

Postalworker of 22 December 2003 asks some questions about the still-unpublished deal between the Communication Workers' Union and Royal Mail announced on 12 December 2003, and calls for the union to inquire into Royal Mail running extra fallback sorting offices with casual labour. Download pdf.

London walks out over victimisations

Postalworker of 28 October 2003 reports: "After the official 24 hour stoppages over London Weighting, managers have... victimised union reps and instructed postal workers to do work outside their duty description... They can be stopped". Download the bulletin.

London weighting dispute

The Postalworker bulletin of 29 September 2003 calls for solidarity with the one-day strike for £4000 London Weighting on Wednesday 1 October. Download the pdf.

Vote Pete Keenlyside!

The Postalworker bulletin of 1 July 2003 calls for votes for Pete Keenlyside in the election for Outdoor Secretary of the CWU, and argues the case against Royal Mail's new "Tailored Delivery System" (TDS). Download it here.

AWL at RMT conference

The rail union RMT is holding its conference in Glasgow from Sunday 29 June to Friday 3 July. The major debate is around the union's political fund, with the leadership, round Bob Crow, pushing for the RMT to support Plaid Cymru (the Welsh nationalist party) and the Greens as well as Scottish Socialist Party and Labour candidates. AWL members will be opposing this push. Download the AWL bulletin for RMT conference (as pdf) here.

AWL at Unison conference 2003

AWL members published a daily bulletin at the 2003 conference of Unison, the giant public-services union which is Britain's largest. Download the bulletins here. (Sorry, for technical reasons they're not in the tidiest format we could wish for: some headings are missing, and the pdfs have some extra blank pages. But we hope this gives readers an idea of the issues at this important conference, and what the AWL did). Sunday 15 June, local government conference Monday 16 June, local government conference Tuesday 17 June, general conference Wednesday 18 June, general conference Thursday 19 June...

The RoMEC sell-out

Postalworker of 15 October 2002 covers the RoMEC sell-out. Download here.

Postalworker says: kick out Keggie!

The Postalworker bulletin of 1 May 2003 calls for a vote for Dave Ward (pictured) against John Keggie in the forthcoming election for the Communication Workers' Union's Deputy General Secretary (Postal). Download here as pdf.

"Tailored Delivery Systems" in Royal Mail

The 4 February 2003 issue of the Workers' Liberty Postalworker bulletin covers Royal Mail bosses' push for "Tailored Delivery Systems" (TDS). Download it here in pdf format.

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