Union and workplace bulletins

Workers' Liberty Vestas bulletin #2

AWL bulletin #2 for the campaign to save jobs at the Vestas wind turbine blade factories in the Isle of Wight. Download pdf (see "attachment", below).

John Moloney runs incumbent close in PCS Deputy General Secretary election

John Moloney, an AWL member, won 11,547 votes in the PCS Deputy General Secretary election, and so was only narrowly beaten by Hugh Lanning with 13,755. It was a very high vote for John Moloney considering that he was backed only by the small Independent Left group within the union, while Lanning was backed by all the other groups which took a position, from the mainstream right over to the Socialist Party and SWP. 1 May: Elections to the National Executive Committee [NEC] and senior full time official posts are currently underway in the civil service trade union PCS, including for the post of...

Council Worker Solidarity Bulletin

Page 1. Local government workers: VOTE YES FOR ACTION! Workers won’t pay for bosses’ losses ---- Our Pay is a Political Issue Page 2. School Support Staff: Vote Yes to Strike for Better Pay ---- Marxism at work: What is 'Fair Pay'?

Classroom Solidarity - Education worker bulletin

ClassroomSolidarity is produced by teachers, teaching assistants and other education workers in the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, an organisation fighting as part of the labour movement for a socialist alternative to both capitalism and Stalinism, based on common ownership and democracy. In contrast to New Labour and the Tories we believe that education should challenge, inspire and liberate minds young and old. This means scrapping intensive testing and monitoring, narrow curricula and selection. We want one democratic, fighting union for all education workers. We oppose racism, sexism...

Workers' Liberty PCS bulletin for 24th April

Not just one-off actions To win: an ongoing strategy with selective strikes It is to be welcomed that a number of Groups within PCS are on strike alongside the Teachers (NUT) and Lecturers (UCU). We are all suffering from the same pay squeeze policy initiated by New Labour; we are all suffering from the effects of inflation; to varying degrees we are threatened by encroachment of the private sector into our work areas; in other words we are bound together by common material interests. The problem though is that only part of the PCS is on strike even though the problems listed above e.g the pay...

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