Union and workplace bulletins

Red Pill #4 - April-May 2012

An industrial bulletin for healthworkers, with articles on the Unison vote on the pensions deal, the potential strike on 10 May and the Unison SGE elections. Click here to download the PDF.

AWL bulletin for Unite United Left meeting, 5 September 2009

For a downloadable PDF of this bulletin, see below. For a democratic, fighting union! Workers' Liberty Unite members' bulletin for Unite United Left meeting, 5 September 2009 Stop begging and dare to fight! An open letter to Tony Woodley and Len McCluskey Dear brothers Woodley and McCluskey, We are facing a general election which will probably see the election of a Tory government committed to making huge attacks on workers' rights, jobs and benefits. We are in this position because the leadership of the trade union movement has done nothing to take on the Labour government. Despite claiming...

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