Union and workplace bulletins

UCU strike bulletin

Download here. Articles include: The longer the picket line, the shorter the strike; See the Four Fights through; Link up with the climate strikes!; Workers and students unite.

UCU Strike Bulletin: Build the rank and file! (November 2019)

Click here to download this bulletin as a PDF. This was modified slightly after the climate strike - download the old one here. Build the rank and file! The election of Jo Grady as UCU General Secretary earlier this year was a big step forward for the union. The previous leadership had a record of compromising too soon in disputes and had never delivered the support for workplace organising needed to change the power balance in universities. Electing officials and NEC members committed to a more combative approach to organising is important, but it’s not sufficient, or an end in itself. In...

Class Struggle Blog

Articles, news and comment on schools, teaching and the education system. Read online here.

Wake Up! bulletin November 2015

Wakefield council workers' bulletin for November 2015. Includes: Massacres in Beirut and Paris, join Momentum and fight, staff survey, and defend DOCAS! Read online here

Wake Up! bulletin October 2015

Wakefield council workers bulletin for October 2015. Includes: Fight in the Labour Party after Corbyn victory, stop the Trade Union Bill, management restructuring, cuts to council tax benefit. Read online here

Workers' Liberty bulletins from Unison conference 2015

Workers' Liberty members active in Unison produced at distributed bulletins at Unison's Local Government and National Delegate Conferences in Glasgow, 14-19 June 2015. Click below to download the PDFs: Local Government Conference National Delegate Conference Click here for AWL bulletins from Unison conference 2014.

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