Hackney Socialist Unity

'Hackney Solidarity' December 2003

The latest issue of our local Workers' Liberty newsletter includes articles on: Homerton Hospital's application for foundation status; the threat to close eight Hackney post offices; Diane Abbott's private school disgrace; issues for local youth. Download it as a PDF here.

North-East London Solidarity

Workers' Liberty's local newsletter (24 October '03) includes: Exposing East London's sweatshops; Local working-class history; Fight workplace racism: defend John Page; Why is Hackney Council always in crisis? Download it as a PDF here. Download the Hackney edition as a PDF here.

Hackney Solidarity 22 September 2003

The left: striking back in Hackney? Hackney Solidarity is Workers' Liberty's local newsletter. We produced this issue for a local Socialist Alliance public meeting entitled 'The left strikes back'. The main article is on the prospects for the left in Hackney. Other articles include a discussion of the causes of left disunity, plus reports on the post office pay dispute, the Council's plan to ban public drinking, victimisation of local union reps, and No Sweat's work to expose local sweatshops. Download pdf.

The left: striking back in Hackney?

This article is from Hackney Solidarity, the local Workers' Liberty newsletter. It was published in an edition produced for a Socialist Alliance public meeting at which Tommy Sheridan and Michael Lavalette spoke, the title of which was 'The Left Strikes Back'. In Hackney, you can find most of the ill effects of capitalism and the rotten politicians that run it. Hackney has high levels of poverty, unemployment and poor housing. Public buildings are being replaced by luxury apartments which only City high-flyers can afford. The Council is handing over public services to quangos which are run by...

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