Corbyn, Socialism and revolution


Three books- Corbynism: What went wrong?, Socialism makes sense, and Democracy, direct action and socialism

These three texts bring together a perspective on what it means to be a socialist in the Labour party. Corbynism: What went wrong? tracks reflections on the 2015-20 period, analysing the mistakes that the Corbyn leadership made. Socialism makes sense confronts head-on the strongest arguments against socialism now in circulation, inside the Labour Party and beyond, and argues for a society based on human solidarity, social ownership of industry and banks, and on political, economic, and social democracy. Democracy, Direct action and Socialism brings together head-to-head debates between the revolutionary left (Sean Matgamna) and the traditional Labour left (Michael Foot), focused on the alternatives posed to the labour movement in the fight against the Thatcher Tories from 1979 to the mid-1980s. The core political arguments remain crucial.

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